Backup and Restore App Setting In Windows Using CloneApp

backup and restore app setting in windows using cloneapp

If you have had the experience of having to reinstall a version of Windows as the operating system of your PC or laptop, you have an idea of how tiresome it can be. The problem lies in having to reinstall so many applications and do a lot of reconfiguration as well.

The Problem With Reinstalling Windows

Even though you can quickly and easily install the Windows operating system on your PC or laptop, the truth is that the fact that it does not pay off for how you still have to reinstall all of the applications that you used to have before reinstalling the operating system. You also might have had the apps configured to your liking, and after reinstalling you may have to waste your time to redo it.

The third-party software that is available as of right now for Windows operating system also does not offer you the ability to export their settings easily, as you may already know. You have to browse the installed folder and registry on your own and do it manually to find the files which have the settings in it.

You have to go through all this trouble only to back up the settings for the application. There may be many software available that offers you the ability to make a backup of your data and create an image backup of the Windows operating system that you have installed, but none of those software offers you the ability to backup and restores app setting in windows.

Imagine how troublesome it would be if, in your computer that has been installed with Windows 7, 8, or 10, you have programs that reach hundreds in number. In these circumstances, you would also like to make a backup for the app settings, but finding the setting files manually for each program will take so much of your time.

backup and restore app setting in windows using cloneapp

Using CloneApp to Backup and Restore App Settings in Windows

Luckily, there is a free software that can help you do the job of making a backup and restoring the app settings in your PC or laptop that have Windows operating system running it. The software is called CloneApp, and you can get it for free.

The software can be beneficial if you want to reinstall the Windows operating system running on your PC or laptop or if you want to change into a new PC or laptop. This because you can use the software to make a backup of configuration files as well as the registry entries of the apps that you may want to make a backup.

For example, if you choose TeamViewer from the catalog of programs that are supported, CloneApp will make a backup of the registry entries as well as the files and folders where the settings for the app TeamViewer are saved.

You can also backup and restore settings for Windows using CloneApp. Using this software is fairly simple. To download the app or get a manual that provides you with details regarding the program, you can visit the page of its developer.

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