windows offline update

Windows Offline Update: How to Update Windows without Internet Connection

Updating Windows is a must to keep your computer up to date. However, it can be...
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adobe reader

How to Sign a PDF Document with Adobe Reader

Are you still taking the difficult road when you need to sign an electronic document—printing the...
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adwcleaner download

How to Use AdwCleaner to Clean Adware in Windows 10

It is annoying when adware, weird toolbar or unwanted programs are suddenly installed on your Windows...
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disable ccleaner alert

How to Disable CCleaner Alert?

Let’s be honest. Despite its wonderful use, CCleaner does have one annoying feature that almost everyone...
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backup saved passwords in chrome

How To Backup Saved Passwords in Chrome

I am a frequent user of Google Chrome, and I have already set Chrome as my...
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open rar file

How To Open RAR File in Windows

Forget this guide if you have been using fully installed personal computer or laptop. But if...
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windows 10 mail app

How to Sign Out of Mail App in Windows 10?

Any computers or laptops with Windows 10 operating system has its official Mail app. It means...
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what is raid

What Is RAID and How Can It Benefit You?

Back then when hard drives are still extremely expensive, Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks (RAID) is...
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vmware player

How to Download VMware Player in Windows 10 and 8

I have been using VMware for quite, and I find this software very useful with good...
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vmware drs

Benefits You Can Get from Using VMware DRS

If you are using a virtual machine, you must be familiar with VMware DRS. VMware DRS...
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How To Download 7-Zip for Windows 10

We all know what zip is and how it has been becoming an essential part of...
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backup and restore app setting in windows using cloneapp

Backup and Restore App Setting In Windows Using CloneApp

If you have had the experience of having to reinstall a version of Windows as the...
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