How to Set Chrome as Default Browser in Windows 10

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Even in a device using the Windows operating system, you can still set Chrome as the default browser. Google Chrome has been popular in the last decades and is used more often than other browsers. Of course, it comes up with a reason. Chrome is a lighter browser yet has excellent performance and speed when it comes to web browsing.

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Method 1 to Set Google Chrome as Default Browser

For some people, Microsoft Edge as the official default browser in Windows 10 makes an impressive performance. However, some people still prefer Chrome to Microsoft. So, if you are among those being fans of Chrome, feel free to set it as the default browser.

With such features, it is barely normal when millions have chosen this browser as the default browser. But how to manage the setting anyway? Well, according to what I have experienced, setting Chrome as the default browser is very easy. I came across to how exactly do it when downloading the Google Chrome browser right from its official page which takes only a few minutes.

This first method assists you to do the setting because you cannot have Chrome as default browser with only just installing it. Usually, you will get notification of whether or not you want Chrome to be your default browser. If yes, you should follow the instruction. With only a few clicks, Chrome will already be the default browser in your device.

Does this method only apply in Windows 10? Well, no it doesn’t. This method applies to almost any series of Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP). And, the whole process of setting takes a brief time that there will be no failures, so there is nothing to worry for you. In fact, within less than 5 minutes, we have already completed the process.

  1. Open Settings app. First of all, open the Settings apps from the Start Menu or use the shortcut of Windows+I to open the Settings app.
  2. Open System option. Choose the System option in the Settings app. But, if you are currently using the Windows 10 1703 or the newer version, you should click Apps, not System.
  3. Click Default apps
  4. Set Google Chrome as the default browser. Once you have clicked Default apps, scroll down the page on the right side until you see the Web Browser section.
  5. Then, click on Edge Browser entry until you see the option Choose An App. Finally, click Google Chrome and you have just set the Chrome as default browser.

Method 2 to Set Google Chrome As Default Browser

The method number 2 allows you to set Chrome as Default Browser by using the Default Programs. Follow the simple instructions below.

  1. Open Default Programs. First of all, access the taskbar search box to find Default Programs. Then, open Default Programs by pressing Enter key.
  2. Set Your Default Programs. When you see that the Default Program is launched, continue by clicking the Set Your Default Programs option.
  3. Set Google Chrome as the Default program. Scroll down the page on the left side until you see Google Chrome entry. Then, you should click on it and then click the option “Set this Program as default.” And there you go. You have completed your task.

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