How to Disable CCleaner Alert?

disable ccleaner alert

Let’s be honest. Despite its wonderful use, CCleaner does have one annoying feature that almost everyone wishes to remove, the CCleaner Alert. Exactly, the alert appears very often unpredictably which often becomes very bothersome. So, I guess it is essential for us to know exactly how to disable CCleaner alert.

disable ccleaner alert

Steps to Disable CCleaner Alert Popup

Here are the easy and simple steps to disable the CCleaner alert popup and stop it from being visible on our screen. When the alert no longer appears, we will certainly be at peace. There is no more annoying alert that pops up out of nowhere when we are doing our works.

  1. First of all, open the CCleaner window
  2. Then, continue by clicking the Options icon on the main CCleaner window. You can notice this icon in the left panel. Switch it to the Monitoring tab.
  3. Afterward, take a look at the Monitoring tab’s right-hand side. Find the options named Enable Active Monitoring and Enable System Monitoring and uncheck those two options. You will see a confirmation dialog box. When you look at it, click Yes button.
  4. Your job is completed. Now, the alert will no longer appear on your screen.

In case you use the Pro or the Pro Plus Editions, you can do one thing to avoid CCleaner Alert from popping up without having to disable it. You do this by increasing the default 500MB limit. Increase the number to 2 to 5 GB. Once you did this, there will be no more alert popping up. But if you do not use the Pro edition, I am afraid you cannot do this.

Benefits of Disabling CCleaner Alert

Disabling CCleaner Alert means several advantages. It doesn’t only make us more comfortable when using a computer because no alert will pop up suddenly, but it also saves some disk storage. Here is the detail. The CCleaner Alert dialog consumes 500 MB of disk space. So, when you have disabled this feature, you have saved 500 MB in your disk space. What a great way to optimize the use of your computer right?

When you have disabled the CCleaner Alert, you can still have this program performs as usual. Some may be concern about missing junk files needed to be deleted when they do not have the alert occurring. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. The most important thing is to perform or run the CCleaner on a regular basis. To remove the junk files, scan the system on a regular basis as well.

Let me tell you another benefit of disabling the Active Monitoring System. When this feature is running continuously to scan for any junk files, it means that the feature consumes some system resource. So, once you have disabled or deactivated it, you have free up some of your computer’s system resource. It’s great.

In other words, disabling CCleaner alert is not only for your convenience but also for more other technical reasons. For me, the time I disabled it, I was very confident I have made the right decision. Today, I still feel the same way.

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