How To Download 7-Zip for Windows 10

We all know what zip is and how it has been becoming an essential part of the Windows operating system. With the fact that most downloadable files are compressed, zip clearly has been so crucial to allowing us saving and opening the file. In general, the compressed file is preferable regarding saving the bandwidth.


Why We Should Download 7-Zip

One thing is clear, 7-Zip is a free software with high use and benefit. Imagine how hard could it have been without 7-Zip in your device. It has proven to be an excellent tool. So, this software always comes as the first option.

What are the uses of 7-Zip? Well, this particular software has various uses. Begin with its application to support both packing and unpacking of ZIP, TAR, GZIP, WIM and also the XZ formats. And, it also supports unpacking of more than 25 formats such as the famous CAB, ISO, NTFS, MBR, MSI, UDF, RAR, FAT and also VHD. Lately, it has been able to support Windows 8 including the Pro editions.

Despite the availability of the 8-Zip, the 7-Zip still becomes the most favorite option. Somehow, the 8-Zip lacks the 7-Zip’s power. And it is not free, unlike the 7-Zip. So, the presence of 8-Zip doesn’t beat the 7-Zip. So, this particular software is a perfect option to perform more complex tasks.

Download 7-Zip

Pros of 7-Zip

7-Zip has some excellent features that is making this software a great option to choose. These features are unbeatable. For instance, it comes with excellent file compatibility. At the same time, it comes with a handy context menu and is highly customizable. How do those features sound for you?

Cons of 7-Zip

We should be neutral when it comes to valuing software including this 7-Zip. The cons are minor, but it still needs to be shared. Once you start using this 7-Zip app, you may find its interface dated. The interface needs a more updated touch.

User Experience

Here is the most critical part in reviewing the performance of software, the user experience. After all, advanced software is nothing without great user experience because the software is a user-centered product.

There are two ways to use 7-Zip. The first way means firing up main program Windows and using the file manager to work with the compressed file. The second way means using the context menu to get access to the key set of options. It can be done by right-clicking on the files. The second way is the preferable way.

The first time you use this software, you may find its file manager’s interface a bit confusing. There is a reason behind. Well, it doesn’t come with options for creating a new compressed archive or adding files. Therefore, you should complete the task by selecting the files before compressing them.

Let me give you a secret for a friendlier way to use this software. Use context menu in your Windows to do the compressing with only a few clicks.

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