How to Download VMware Player in Windows 10 and 8

vmware player

I have been using VMware for quite, and I find this software very useful with good performance. It has also been one of the global leaders when it comes to cloud infrastructure and virtualization especially with the release of the latest versions of VMware Fusion, VMware Workstation, and VMware Player.

vmware player

Method to Download VMware Player

In particular, downloading the VMware player is very easy, as easy as downloading other software. The process requires just a few minutes to get the download and installation complete.

Download VMware Player

Then, you can soon use the software and enjoy its performance.

1. Create New Virtual Machine

First, you should start by creating a new virtual machine. In case you are not familiar with it, you can select the Windows ISO. Then, enter the name for your new virtual machine (select the name by yourself, it can be anything).

2. Select Location for New Virtual Machine

Once you have created the new virtual machine and its name, select the location in where you want to save it inside your device.

3. Start Windows 10 Installation on VMware Player

Now that you have created Virtual Machine and selected the location to complete the process by initiating the installation. It usually takes only minutes. You don’t need to worry because you are not required to enter the product key for full installation.

Features of VMware Player

Suppose you have completed the download and installation, you may need to be informed of the features and benefits this software has to offer. Being one of the best world-class virtualization software, VMware Player has been specially designed to provide various features.

Among its latest features is its support for USB 3 devices and multi-touch on Windows 10 and other portable video equipment and storage devices. Moreover, it has now been added with Hyper-V to its guest operating system list and with the disk space management for easy disk space recovery.

The new user interface has also been updated and refined to conform to the new Windows standard. Among the highlights of its latest user interface are new device icons, toolbars, new logo, and updated menus.

In its new Workstation 9, there have been new virtual hardware improvements. There has also been a surprisingly pleasant change as this software now supports commercial use. It has been clearly shown on its license for commercial use. These various changes, updates, and improvement have certainly given more reasons to why we should continue using it.

Pros of VMware Player

I have concluded some most significant advantages that this software offers. First, it is free and runs virtual machines as well. It is easy to use. And, it comes with downloadable preconfigured VMs for various applications and several operating systems.

Cons of VMware Player

Let’s be neutral and highlight some of the disadvantages. This software does not create the VMs, and VMware Workstation is still required to configure some settings. It only reverts or creates to Snapshot at shutdown only and causes extremely slow startup at when hardware conflict presents in one sample.

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