How to Sign Out of Mail App in Windows 10?

windows 10 mail app

Any computers or laptops with Windows 10 operating system has its official Mail app. It means that you do not need to open up a browser to access your email. All you have to do is using this Mail app. Windows 8 also has a Mail app. However, in Windows 10, the app has been significantly improved by adding more advanced options, and features that the predecessor does not has. One of the crucial questions often asked by people who use Mail app in Windows 10 is the way to sign out of the app. If you ask this question, too, below is more explanation about that for you.

windows 10 mail app

Why Signing Out of Mail App in Windows 10?

People would like to know more about signing out of the Mail app in Windows 10 is because they have multiple email accounts. They add them all to the Mail app. Maybe they need to sign out of one or all of their email accounts at some points because someone else is about to use the laptops or they need to sell the computer or something.

Signing out of Mail app can be done with ease in Windows 10. However, the accounts that you can remove from the laptop is all but the one you use to make the main Microsoft account. To be safe, remove Gmail accounts or Yahoo accounts from your device, but not the Microsoft account.

How to Sign Out of Mail App in Windows 10?

Signing out of mail app in Windows 10 can be done in several steps.

  1. The first step is to launch the Mail app of course. If you have difficulty finding them, this app has a little envelope icon.
  2. Then, once you are in the Mail app, go to the Setting icon. This setting icon is the one looking like a wheel. Once you click the setting icon, a pane will be visible.
  3. On the top of the pane, you will see “Manage Accounts” option. Click that option.
  4. After that, you will see every single email accounts that you have added to the Mail app. Choose the email accounts that you need to remove.
  5. Tap or click that email account, and then there will be an account setting box that you see.
  6. On the bottom of that dialog box, there is this “Delete Account” option. Click that delete option and the confirm that you want to sign out of that account.
  7. Once you are done with that, the account will be no longer added to the Mail app.

Those are the steps to sign out of the Mail app in Windows 10. It is quite easy and straightforward. You do not require any additional software or tools to remove an email account. However, please remember not to delete the email accounts you use to register to the Windows 10. If you do that, some errors and crashes will mostly happen, and that can cause significant inconvenience.

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