How to Transfer Pictures from Phone to Windows 10 Computer

Moving pictures from phone to computer is something really common to be done these days. Snapping pictures using your phone and then using the pictures as the desktop wallpaper for the PC or laptop is now so possible. All you need to do is transferring the pictures from the phone to the PC. If your PC is a Windows 10 computer, there are so many ways that you can do to transfer the pictures from the phone to the computer.

transfer photos from phone to computer

Transfer Pictures from Your Phone to Computer

Below are three, among many, methods that you can do to perform the picture transferring:

1. Using Phone Companion App

Microsoft has this specific app to ease pictures transferring from phone to PC. It is called Phone Companion App. This app works so great for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. By using this app, you can easily and quickly import every single picture on your phone to the computer.

You can download the app can from the Windows Store. Once you have the app on your computer, plug your Android phone and set the phone to the MTP transfer mode. Then, open the app on the computer and go to the option “Import photos and videos into the Photos app.” Once you click it, every picture on your phone will be transferred to the computer.

2. Using File Explorer

Using File Explorer is the most basic method to transfer your pictures from the phone to the PC. You do not need any additional app. All you need to do is using the file explorer.

Plug your phone and go to the MTP transfer mode. Then, go to the file explorer and open the storage of the pictures. All you need to do now is copy and paste. Copy the pictures from the original storage and then paste to any folders in your computer.

This option may take you a little while, depending on how large the size of the file being moved/copied. However, if you are looking for the easiest way to move your pictures from the phone to the PC, this method is the one to try. You do not need an additional app and no internet connection at all.

3. Using the Dropbox

Saving something “in the cloud” is common these days. Cloud service gives you free and safe storage without involving any hardware at all. Dropbox is one of the most leading cloud storage programs of all.

What you need to do first is install the Dropbox onto your Windows 10 PC. After that, you need to sync the phone, the PC, and the Dropbox folders. Using the Dropbox is going to require an internet connection, a strong one.

This method is way simpler for anyone who does not have time repeatedly transfer the pictures from the phone to the PC. Everything with Dropbox is going to be more accessible and automatic.


Those are several ways that you can do to transfer the pictures from the phone to the PC. Remember that keeping the photos only on the phone is never going to be safe enough. There will be a risk of losing the phone, crashing the phone, and smashing the phone beyond repair that may cause you to lose the pictures inside it as well.

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